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Wheatgrass and Cancer Prevention

Wheatgrass and cancer has had a strong link since Ann Wigmore's research and retreats showing rather amazing recovery results of patients who were treated with the juice back in the 1970s.

As you and I both know, the cancer stats these days are pretty staggering and scary. Wheatgrass contains a substance that is very potent in preventing diseases: Chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is the dark green substance in leafy green plants that is very close to out body's own blood and can help cell regeneration and blood cleansing. As anyone who's ha cancer know, fighting it can be a long and often torturous process. So what better way to avoid this much-dreaded disease than to take preventive measures to make sure it doesn’t happen?


Aside from being packed full with iron, enzymes, oxygen, and various vitamins and minerals, wheatgrass also contains 70% of chlorophyll in its blades. Chlorophyll, which is almost identical to haemoglobin, has been proven to have plenty of healing properties. When applying low levels of wheatgrass juice to mutagens, their activity nosedived by up to 99%. Wheatgrass’ chlorophyll content stimulated healing processes and sped up healing of deep infections and wounds. It also speeds up the proliferation of connective tissue and epidermal proliferation. These healing benefits, among other health advantages, make wheatgrass and cancer tied to each other.

Since oxygen plays a big part in fighting cancer cells, wheatgrass juice can be considered as the best ammunition against cancer. The chlorophyll it contains increases haemoglobin production, which in turn produces more oxygen for the body. The chlorophyll also strengthens the body’s cells against carcinogens, which is the number one cancer-causing agents.

Wheatgrass and cancer preventing minerals

Aside from that, wheatgrass contains all 20 amino acids and 19 minerals that the body needs. So as the oxygen fights the cancer and prevents it from invading the body, the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other health elements found in wheatgrass strengthen the body’s immune system. In a nutshell, the chlorophyll found in wheatgrass is the body’s offence, and the other nutrients which make the body stronger form the defence. This definitely increases chances of protecting yourself against cancer.

An ounce of wheatgrass a day — that’s what you must keep in mind. With a substance as potent as wheatgrass juice, the body has a better chance of preventing this disease from taking over the body. No amount of vegetables and fruits can provide what this superfood could, so don’t hesitate to drink it regularly. If you can grow your own wheatgrass and drink it fresh, even better. More nutrients are preserved when you drink fresh wheatgrass juice instead of wheatgrass in powder or capsule forms. And when it comes to wheatgrass and cancer, remember that the former is the best defence against the latter.

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