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Alkaline Diet Health Tips

This website is a one-stop alkaline foods and diet information shop where you’ll find an array of articles, tips, recipes, products and alkaline health guidelines to help you in the pursuit of your optimum health via the consumption of our friends, the green vegetables, that your mother so sensibly advocated!

But don’t worry, there’s lots more tasty things you can eat! Visit my recipes page and download my alkaline diet recipes book

You’ll find information and reviews on things such as wheatgrass benefits and green drinks, why an alkaline water machine is advisable in following an alkaline diet and how alkaline foods and supplements can be the best home remedies for yeast infections, diabetes, cancer and other diseases, which so many people have these days and can be caused mainly by an acidic diet. 

I’m passionate about health and fitness and I’ve researched and implemented many ‘healthy eating’ regimes over the past 10 years and this is the one which makes the most sense and helped me knock an hour off of my marathon-running time (3:48 by the way ;-) ), as well as lose weight, feel great and look around 10 years younger than my actual age!

Some of the benefits of going alkaline…

  • Prevention and cure of disease, helping to avoid many widespread and preventable diseases such as colds, yeast infections, even diabetes and cancer.
  • Weight loss, as your body releases excess acid stored in fat.
  • Anti-aging, as your body’s cell life is prolonged.
  • More energy than ever! No afternoon sluggishness.
  • Great skin, as it no longer needs to release acidic toxins through it.
  • Better sleep and great sex life!
  • Optimum health – there’s more to health than absence of disease. An alkaline diet lifestyle will make you feel alive and vital, improve concentration, mental and physical stamina and overall self-esteem.

What is an alkaline diet?

In a nutshell, an alkaline foods diet (also known as the alkaline ash diet, alkaline acid diet, alkalising and the acid alkaline diet) is a healthy eating lifestyle based on eating foods that metabolise (burn) to leave an alkaline residue (ash) of minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and copper. Foods are therefore classified as alkaline, acidic or neutral according to the pH of the solution created with their ash in water.

What can I eat?

In general this means eating lots of alkaline foods (i.e. alkaline forming foods), such as green vegetables, some fruits, nuts and seeds, healthy oils, taking dietary supplements, such as wheatgrass juice and drinking plenty of water. It also means avoiding acidic foods, such as meat and dairy products, refined sugars and carbohydrates, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, caffeine and alcohol.

There is no single definitive alkaline foods list and you’ll find that as you research this subject more, there are many lists of alkaline foods and they all have some discrepancies between them. Please see my alkaline foods list for an explanation and a guiding list.

“Why should I eat alkaline foods?” You may be asking.

It all comes down to body chemistry. Your blood is your body’s living ‘river’ and needs to be kept at a pH (potential of Hydrogen, scale of how acid or alkaline something where 1= extremely acidic and 14= extremely alkaline) of 7.35, slightly alkaline. Your body has a buffer system that it uses to keep your blood within a tight range of this pH, a deviation from which can be fatal.

The alkaline diet originated in the observation that an underlying metabolic acidity, caused by the widespread Western, fast food lifestyle, is a common denominator among many degenerative and autoimmune diseases, which can be preventable by proper nutrition.

Dr Robert Young is the leading researcher and advocate of the benefits of an alkalising. He has conducted well-designed scientific research with substantiating results and his book The pH Miracle has been a bestseller for years. Anthony Robbins, world-famous inspirational speaker, is a big promoter of it, as well as many other heath gurus and celebrities.

Take a look around my site and get excited that you've discovered the benefits of alkaline based foods and lifestyle!

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"Laura, I'm totally new to the alkaline diet thing. After 6 months of incredible stomach/esophageal problems, and 3 months of doctoring, a friend suggested the alkaline diet and some supplements to try and find relief. After just 2-3 weeks on a strict alkaline diet and taking a regimen of supplements, my stomach and severe GERD symptoms are already much better...thank you for the great resource.”

- Dave Stanzel