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Alkaline Diet Plan

For most people, finding a great alkaline diet plan is the first hurdle to overcome in becoming more alkaline. This is a valid concern as, like anything new, having a good solid, proven plan of action is the key to success, in order to avoid all the trial and error and wasted time of reinventing the wheel.

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Eating more alkaline foods and reducing your intake of acidic foods is clearly a key component of this, but maybe you're wondering how to transition without it being overwhelming or how to approach it so it's sutainable?

Finding the best alkaline diet plan

In my view, there are only a small handful of good alkaline diet plans out there. Here's some things you need to look for:
  1. Is the alkaline diet foods list correct? Many websites out there offering alkaline diet plan advice fall at the first hurdle by getting the acid alkaline foods chart wrong. Watch out for fruits being listed as alkaline. Fruits are fine in moderation but the vast majoity of them are acidic, so don't be fooled into thinking you're on a strict alkaline diet by eating lots of fruit.
  1. Simplicity: Is it easy to follow? Whilst I love Dr Robert Young's book, The pH Miracle, it is not the easiest book the in the world to follow and implement. It's great for the science behind the alkaline diet and for some lovely recipes but the plan could be more step-by-step and practical.
  1. Is it holistic? As in, does it consider aspects of health other than foods and diet? A big part of alkalizing your body is about correct breathing, good quality exercise, sleep, water and cultivating happy emotions. A good alkaline diet plan will address all of these things.
  1. Is it fun?! The alkaline diet has so many wondeful benefits - as well as feeling more energetic and vital, it is actually very fun to embark on a new alkalizing health regime. Your alkaline plan should reflect that :-)  

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alkaline-diet-plan-successYou'll find an overview of high alkaline foods and what kinds of foods to choose to start alkalizing your body right away here.

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