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Review of Alkaline Diet Book Resources and Plans

When first starting out in the alkaline diet world, there is a lot of great free info available from this website and my newsletter blog posts/emails that will really help you. You can access the free and comprehensive alkaline foods list, as well as the free 38-page alkaline recipes ebook.

However, to save you a lot of time and to take the 'thinking' and confusion element out of following a more alkaline diet, it is worth investing in a good alkaline diet book, course or program - to ensure you get all the info, tools and motivational help you need to succeed with reaching your optimum health.

I have created my own alkaline diet course plan and course called Alkaline Diet Vitality and I have fully appraised the other leading offerings in the marketplace - many of which have been produced by my friends and esteemed colleagues in this field of health.

I often get asked about alkaline diet courses, so I have produced a review table below, with info about the leading alkaline diet books and programs, with my honest appraisal and the essentials you need to know - what's in the course, price, benefits and disadvantaged etc.

I hope you find this useful :-)
Laura Wilson

Website Link & Price Brief Description & Review
alkaline-diet-book-course-plan-review-outstanding-health-now Outstanding Health Now Program

$1 trial and then $27/month
My friend and true health and healing master, Matthew Armstrong, has created a comprehensive system and set of health-expert interviews. You also receive his "Heal Yourself at Home" DVD in the mail and online webinar coaching. Very good value and highly recommended.
alkaline-diet-book-course-plan-review-rocking-body-raw-food. Rocking Body Raw Food

Joy Houston's great 14-day raw food course - includes lovely quality kitchen recipe how-to videos, recipe books, raw food manual, shopping lists and more. Wonderful recipes. I highly recommend this as a complete 14-day raw food weight loss/detox program with very high-quality resources.
alkaline-diet-book-course-plan-review-vitality Alkaline Diet Vitality
$47 upwards
This is my alkaline diet program! Obviously I recommend it, I wrote it lol :-) But seriously, I have reviewed and used all the other courses out there (every single one on this list) and mine has the added bonus of having fitness reources as well as 3 recipe and smoothie books, an alkaline diet quickstart guide and audiobook, expert interviews, online membership site that you have LIFETIME access to (you and a partner), a superfoods report, a '10-week transformation' coaching guide, an 80+ page alkaline diet book and lots of great bonuses. I'd go with this ;-)
alkaline-diet-book-course-plan-review-acid-alkaline-diet. Acid Alkaline Diet Course

Michael Murray's Acid Alkaline Diet Simplified Course. This is a very good cheaper-priced alkaline diet book and course - has comprehensive manuals, recipes and info on alkaline water. There are a couple of audio mp3s but largely this is an ebook course. There is a alkaline diet forum too.
alkaline-diet-book-course-plan-review-eating-for-energy Eating for Energy

Yuri Elkaim's great course and raw alkaline diet book on transitioning into a raw food and alkaline diet to improve your energy levels, as well as weight loss/muscle gain and has some good info for athletes - foods to improve recovery and strength etc.
alkaline-diet-book-course-plan-review-acid-alkaline-balance-diet Alkaline Diet Balance Course

Emma Deangela's acid alkaline diet course. Another good cheaper ebook course, with some great info. Good to get started with. Plus there's a $1 trial, which makes it a no-brainer to try.
http://alkaline-diet-health-tips.com/alkaline-cookbookalkaline-diet-book-course-plan-review-acid-cook-book Alkaline Diet Cookbook

Lovely alkaline diet book of recipes. If you're looking for alkaline recipes but don't want a whole course, this is for you. There are alkaline breakfasts, soups, dinners, salads, juices, desserts and more. Comes in ebook format. One might argue however, that for $27 you can get a whole course (see others on this list) as well as recipes. Your choice.
alkaline-diet-book-course-plan-review-food-matters-dvd. Food Matters

$4.95 upwards
"Food Matters" is an outstanding film about the medical and food industries - a real eye opener and makes you thonk about your health in a new way. I recommend that everyone should watch this. In fact, I think it should be added to school curricula! If you watch only one documentary this year, I urge you to watch this. You can watch online or buy the film. I have written a full Food Matters review blog post about this film (I feel very passionate about it lol!). You can also buy a Detox and Rejuvenation Guide and various other raw food and disease-healing instructional DVDs.
alkaline-diet-book-course-plan-review-raw-vegan-radio Raw Vegan Radio Master Interviews

Steve Prussack hosts the excellent Raw Vegan Radio interviews. These are wonderful resources to help you get and stay motivated on your healthy diet, with guidance and practical tips from the world's leading experts in raw food and alkaline health. This is a bundled series of interviews with some great extra resources. Definitely worth checking out.
alkaline-diet-book-course-plan-review-success-formula-andrew-bridgewater Alkaline Diet Success Formula

My friend and business associate (and fellow Brit) Andrew Bridgewater's great course and interview series. Andrew is a chartered psychologist and he has worked with many people one-to-one to help them achieve their health and weight loss goals. The course features an interview with yours truly, Laura Wilson too ;-)

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