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The information contained in this website and
related products and e-mails is for informational 
and educational purposes only. It intended to 
provide general advice relating to achieving a 
healthy diet and weight management. It is not 
an attempt by the writers or publisher to 
diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease, nor 
should it be construed to be such. Visitors and
readers are hereby encouraged to consult with
a licensed  health care professional concerning the 
information presented, which has been received 
from sources deemed reliable, but no guarantees, 
expressed or implied, can be made regarding the 
accuracy of the information or any results that 
may arise.
All matters regarding physical health should be 
referred to a qualified health-care professional 
and a health-care professional should be consulted 
before beginning any fitness or nutrition program. 
Alkaline Diet Health Tips and its staff are not a 
medical organisation, qualified medical practitioners 
or dieticians and do not claim any responsibility 
for the information presented within this site and
related products and information nor any medical
conditions that a reader may have. 

All readers assume full responsibility for their own 
health, well being and nutrition and are highly 
encouraged to do their own reading and research 
in this area.  

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