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Acidic Foods

Quite simply, eating too many acidic foods is not great for your health.

It is a well-researched medical fact that all diseases thrive in environments characterized by high levels of acidity. If we want to lead a healthy life, it is imperative for us limit our intake of acidic foods. Ignoring this comes at a high price…
Foods high in acid may cause diseases like obesity, osteoporosis, flu, skin disorders, and even cancer. Excessive consumption can also result in a weakened immune system, cramps, allergies, spasms, headaches, poor concentration and digestion, increased effects of aging, joint and muscle pains and fatigue. Too, insomnia, rheumatoid arthritis, stomach ulcers, water retention, and constipation all can come as a result of eating acidic foods and not eating enough alkaline foods such as green vegetables.

What foods are classed as acidic foods?  

Here's a brief list...                                           Avoid this!Acidic foods- avoid this!
  • Fried foods 
  • Dairy
  • Meat
  • Tinned
  • Sugary
  • Starchy/glutenous
  • Alcohol, caffeine and fizzy drinks
  • Some fruits
  • Additives, colourings, artificial sweeteners, flavourings etc
In general, anything cooked, fried, frozen, packaged, artificial, long-life, dairy, meat and with a high sugar/simple carbohydrate content is classed as acidic.

Alkaline Diet Health Tip: For a comprehensive explanation on how alkaline and acidic foods are determined and a printable acid alkaline diet foods list, read this page.

Acid foods can pose a threat to our health, but also the huge prevalence of these foods makes it worse! These foods are everywhere - almost always splattered on our daily menus: from breakfast staples like white bread, eggs, cheese, milk, coffee to main courses like pasta, beef, pork, chicken, turkey, to light meals and snacks composed of chocolates and peanuts, beer and soft drinks… Foods that are rich in phosphorus, sulphur, and chlorine are not spared from the list since these elements are acid-forming.
So how do we steer clear of acidic foods? While it may seem impossible to escape these usual suspects, there is still a way to counteract their harmful effects on our health. A more alkaline diet, designed to neutralize the outcomes of acidic food ingestion through consumption of alkaline-based foods such as fruits, vegetables, and other low-sugar foods, is a viable option. The alkaline diet is commonly employed (and enjoyed!) to achieve balance between the body’s acidity and alkalinity and can be just as tasty and easy to go with on a daily basis as an acidic diet, with a bit of careful forethought and preparation and an enhanced mindset.

See here for some tools to help you on your journey into alkaline health

My alkaline meal - raw courgette spaghetti spirals and Italian tomato sauce, yummy! :-)

According to Robert Young, who is a prime promoter of alkaline diet and alternative medicine, it is ideal for the body to have a diet that constitutes an intake of 70-80% alkaline foods and 20-30% acid foods. 
So it all boils down to moderation. Acidic foods are not down-the-drain destructive to our wellbeing. In fact, they are an integral part of the balance Young is pointing out. It is even said that a little amount of acid—the right type—can help lower our blood glucose levels. Acetic acid, which is the chief acid in vinegar, can significantly reduce the glycemic index of a starchy meal.

Albert Szent-Gyogyi, Nobel Laureate and the discoverer of Vitamin C, once noted, “The body is alkaline by design, but acidic by function.” He was referring to the fact that each minute of each day, the body’s metabolic processes produce enormous quantities of acid even though, in order to do their jobs properly, the cells and tissues require a slightly alkaline environment.
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