Acid Alkaline Food List

I've put together a comprehensive acid-alkaline foods list, in full colour that you can download below. It's a good idea to print and keep with you, or put on your fridge, for easy reference and to help keep you on the right track with your alklaine diet.

Unlike most lists of alkaline foods, which have two categories - alkaline foods and acid foods, my list has a third column - debatable or moderately acidic foods.

This category includes things like fruit, some vegetables like squashes, potatoes, black olives, cauliflower, lentils, beans and cashew nuts. These foods may contain some alkaline minerals but may also contain sugars, which cause the acidifying effects to outweigh the alkazing effects.

I would recommend that we eat foods in the following proportions:

70% Alkaline Foods
20% Debateable/Moderately Acidic Foods
10% Acidic Foods (naughty indulgences!)

Download Acid Alkaline Food List PDF

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