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alkaline diet for dummie#1 Alkaline Diet Health For Dummies

9 Key Alkaline Diet Questions Answered
For Your Optimum Health, Vitality & Weight Control

You'll discover:
  • Why should I care about an alkaline diet?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What are the consequences of the Standard American/Acidic Diet?
  • What are some fast & easy
    steps that I can take now to become more alkaline?
  • Easy to read and simple to understand format.

alkalien diet smoothies
#2 Alkaline Energy Green Smoothies
12 Super-Quick & Super-Alkaline Breakfast Smoothies To Make Your Day Go With A Bang
  • Highly nutritious and alkalizing vegetables, fruits and seeds in one easy-to-consume form. 
  • It is a known fact that we should chew (masticate) each mouthful of our food until almost liquid form in order to gain the full nutritional benefits. Smoothies are pre-masticated, so you can just drink them down and your body can use them right away. 
  • They’re quick and easy to prepare, tasty and will fill you up all morning, whilst giving you the energy to perform at your best!
  • Smoothies all have names like 'The Activator', 'The Powerhouse' and 'The Stimulator'- you'll come to love your favourites!

alkaline diet fitness
#3 Alkaline Fitness
Part 1: Getting Fit & Alkalizing Your Body & Mind That ANYONE Can Do Easily, Now!
  • Fitness and the power of aerobic energy are MAJOR factors in becoming  more alkaline – getting your blood pumping with oxygen 
    and your lymphatic system moving and cleansing.   
  • Assessing where you are, overcoming the barriers to exercise and getting started.

#4 The Acid-Alkaline Mystery Solved
White Paper Research Report
  • Short paper on the science behind the benefits of a more alkaline diet
  • Separating the facts from the fads
  • How to determine which foods are acidic and which are alkaline


#5 The Science of Being Well
Classic Book on Health by Wallace D. Wattles
  • From the author of The Science of Getting Rich comes the Science of Being Well. 
  • Find out how the power of positive thinking can improve your health.
  • This practical guide will help your explore the principles of health and lead you to a healthy, happier you.
  • This concise and to-the-point work teaches us to take control of our own health and how to use mind power to aid us in healing our bodies.

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